Sara Shainholtz DIRECTOR

Physician Assistant, Grand River Health

Sara Shainholtz is an outdoor enthusiast, a physician assistant in the emergency room, and a breast cancer survivor. Through her work in the emergency room, she has evaluated and helped provide resources for women who have experienced sexual trauma; she has seen the depth of impact sexual trauma has on patients.  She strongly supports the resources and life-changing opportunity Sacred Cycle can bring to women’s lives.

“For me Sacred Cycle represents a healing movement addressing & unhinging the taboo topic of sexual trauma. Through Sacred Cycle I have found a path to advocate for women who have suffered the injustice of abuse & trauma. Sacred Cycle not only provides a safe sacred place for healing, but also promotes engaging with this short precious life on a bicycle. Mountain biking gives me perspective, teaches me about my fears, & forces me to let go & flow. I’ve seen how the program similarly impacts our clients & that is what keeps me inspired. The perpetual momentum of Sacred Cycle sells itself; it’s an asset to our community & our women.” 

As a breast cancer survivor, she has both volunteered and participated in programs and retreats that focus on a path towards healing through mindfulness and adventure. Bonding with others who shared a similar experience was a fundamental part of her healing process, providing confidence and a spiritual connection. Sara is moved, uplifted, and beyond honored to be a part of an organization that gives women an opportunity to tell their story and find strength through adventure to focus on a path toward healing.