Patti Liermann

Patti Liermann works with the Eagle County Housing & Development Authority assisting locals with affordable for-sale housing options, down payment assistance, and homebuyer education in our high-cost mountain community. Patti has been mountain biking for over ten years and enjoys the thrill, challenge, and playfulness that biking brings to an outdoor activity. 

“Mountain biking has taught me to face my fears, overcome obstacles, forgive myself, and learn something new every time I ride. There’s a craving to reach flowstate during the ride and a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment at the end of the ride. Just like life, riding is humbling when you least expect it only now, it’s easy to laugh at the mistakes and continue driving forward. There’s an unrivaled camaraderie, support, and love from fellow riders. I am in awe of the mission of Sacred Cycle working with survivors of sexual abuse and honored to be a part of it’s continuing success and progressive future.”

Patti has lived all over the U.S. but has called Eagle County home for 15 years. When she’s not out riding with friends or camping, you can find her at home with her dog Nico and 7 chickens (guess all their names!) cooking up something delicious.

Patti Liermann Sacred Cycle BOD