Kristina “Krissy” Gutierrez, M.A., LSC, NCC 2021 Participant Clinical Coordinator - Roaring Fork Valley

Licensed School Counselor, Goal High School

Krissy recently graduated from Adams State University in Alamosa, CO, with a dual degree in clinical mental health and school counseling. Currently, she spends most of her working hours at Goal High School as a Licensed School Counselor in an online/blended environment. Prior, she spent time working in human resources, hospitality, volunteering with adaptive sports, Outward Bound, and the Peace Corps. Colorado has been home for the last 10+ years, over 5 different towns. Being able to combine her passion for counseling with her adventurous spirit is the ultimate goal. As a clinician, she believes each person is an expert in their own experience.

“Mountain biking is the scariest, most exciting activity I’ve ever done. Every time I ride, I find so much strength and power – and humility – from within. When I found Sacred Cycle on social media I was instantly hooked. I’ve always believed in the therapeutic power of the outdoors, and this organization just embodied so many pieces for me.”

Outside of work, Krissy is always on the go, either reminiscing on past travel or planning for the next adventure! There’s always something new to learn. She also spends copious amounts of time with her cat, Rita, going on walks around the neighborhood and building cat caves around the house.