Jeannine Anders

Jeannine Anders has worked in high-end retail with Betteridge Jewelers in Vail, CO for 10 years. Over this time she has held roles in sales as well as office operations management. Jeannine has been passionately racing bikes for 7 years and has found success in the ultra-distance MTB world.  She has competed in 15 ultra-endurance MTB races, ranging from 12 to 25 hours, as well as multiple 40+ mile races. Jeannine strongly supports the Sacred Cycle mission and is excited to spread the word throughout the mountain biking community. Cycling has been an extremely positive influence in her life so she is anxious to share her passion with others.

“Cycling has been my passion for over 10 years. It can be an unbelievably therapeutic, empowering an all-around uplifting experience. Survivors of sexual trauma often leave their bodies as a defense mechanism, and riding is a way to reconnect the mind and the body in the present moment. I know that Sacred Cycle has and will continue to help women shed the stigma and shame of sexual abuse while nurturing their healing process. Sacred Cycle is a constant reminder to be courageous – that we can take a hit, get back up, and keep going. In life, in cycling, it’s all connected.”