Emily White MTB Coach

Founder of Joy Infused Yoga & Fitness

Emily loves helping folks live happier healthier lives. In 2011 she headed West from Vermont with the “mantra from a place of joy”. She became a Yoga Instructor in 2013 and worked as PT Aide before she became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) CPT. She noticed that it was her language that seemed to unlock her patients bodies and delved into a year intensive on-line course, Interdisciplinary Movement and Somatics. IMS is a deep dive into bodymind practices designed to connect the individual with their felt sense and allow for deep unwinding of old patterns and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul into whole body connectivity and integration. Halfway through her training, a car accident left Emily shaken and groundless. Physically she appeared unscathed but deep inside she was struggling.  IMS’s somatic movement and breath practices served as her path to healing. Emily now weaves all of her knowledge into bodymind practices that meet you where you are and aim to refine the way you move through life. Learn more at myjoyinfused.com. She lives with her husband and pup Ollie in Carbondale, Colorado.

Mountain biking has been a huge source of joy in my life. I have waded through many deep internal conversations and overcome tremendous obstacles on two wheels. My work as a Conscious Movement Guide is trauma informed and after my accident I truly understand what that means. I am honored to serve as a coach and hold space for my participants’ healing process as I continue my own healing journey. It’s incredibly powerful to be in the presence of other souls who deeply empathize with the act of surviving a traumatic event and empowering to work toward thriving together!

In her free time, Emily enjoys riding bikes, hiking, tele skiing, spending time with her husband and pup in nature, listening to music, dabbling on the guitar, attempting to garden, reading more about bodymind magic and trying to fit in a little fiction too. She is grateful!