Doug Wilson 2021 Community Ride Coordinator - Denver Metro

Founder and Principal, Box Wilson Equity

Doug started his career in technology as an electrical engineer, designing semiconductor multimedia processors to power smartphones. After working 60-80 hour work weeks for years, while flying to visit customers every week or two, Doug was burning out and knew he couldn’t continue that lifestyle forever. He found another way to live through passive income investments in commercial real estate that replaced his salary and allowed him the freedom to live outside a day job. Doug now spends his time finding these cash flow investments for himself and others, allowing him to focus on adventures in the outdoors, relationships, and helping others.

“When someone close to me developed a life-threatening illness that turned into a severe mental illness, I received a crash course on the fragility of life and the importance of nourishing our bodies through healthy eating, exercise, and activities to promote mental health. Sacred Cycle’s mission to help heal through mountain biking, the outdoors, community, and therapy resonates deeply with me. These are the same ways I have healed from my own trauma. I’m excited to be able to combine my passion for mountain biking with being able to help others as part of the Sacred Cycling team.”

When not on his computer, Doug can be found trying to do as many outdoor activities as he can find. He enjoys mountain/road/gravel biking, skate and nordic skiing, alpine/backcountry snowboarding, canyoneering, hiking, bikepacking, standup paddleboarding, trail running, yoga, Crossfit, and Lagree.

Sacred Cycle Doug Wilson