Devan Schultz, M.A. Program Director

M.A. Sport and Performance Psychology

Devan Schultz earned her Master’s Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology where she facilitated many conversations around the life skills that can be taught through sport. Devan worked with youth to collegiate athletes, competitive ski and snowboard athletes, firefighters, and more. In 2018, Devan also volunteered for The Outbound Collective’s Pursuit Series Camps. She taught a course on Mindfulness in Nature and a course on Focus Training. Throughout graduate school and beyond Devan also worked as Behavioral Health Counselor at a recovery center for eating disorders and for the past two years Devan worked seasonally as a Wilderness Therapy Guide. She spent 45 consecutive days in the backcountry of Southeast Alaska utilizing the outdoors as a ground for healing and teaching a multitude of life skills.

“While my journey began through sport, it has transitioned into the outdoors as a whole. I love the restorative benefits and learning opportunities that come from simply being outside. Our lives are less predictable than the weather, but we must learn to be even more adaptable than zip-away pants (you know, the ones that turn into shorts). While we often wish for more control, there is so little that we actually can control. I respect that mountain biking can teach us this. To roll with the ever-changing weather, to take control of the handlebars, but to let go of what may lay ahead of us on the trail. I am beyond excited to draw these connections and utilize the healing and strengthening benefits that come from mountain biking into the context of sexual trauma survivors.”

Devan loves to explore by car, canoe, snowboard, bike, plane, and on foot! She currently resides in Denver, CO, and is always up for a new adventure, (most recently training her puppy to accompany her while bikepacking)!