Clare Hefferren Executive Director

Founder/CEO, Callosum

As a senior brand builder who’s equally comfortable in the backcountry and boardroom, Clare has proven success in understanding the brand life cycle when launching brands in the outdoor and mountain lifestyle industries. With over 25 years of experience, her messages create a genuine connection between the consumer and the product resulting in strong sales and brand loyalty. As Founder & CEO of Callosum, her strengths focus on engaging consumers by identifying brand opportunities and innovating products and services into market leaders with extraordinary profits. Determined to reduce sexual assault statistics, Clare parlays her drive into building awareness as contract Executive Director for Sacred Cycle mission so others may heal.

“When asked why I took on the Executive Director role, my response draws from deep inside. I was raised by a mother who was an activist and a father with an entrepreneurial mindset. I was taught to help and to roll up my sleeves when there was work to be done. My career volunteerism has a thread of girl and professional women empowerment spanning decades. To build a community that cares for each other and will help heal when tragedy occurs calls to me. I am a visionary and a believer in holding space for what is possible. Each day I am pulled into the future by the Sacred Cycle vision. I believe Sacred Cycle clients, and survivor girls/women we have not yet met, are our girls. Together we will find them and provide them healing tools.”

Living in Vail, CO when she’s away from the desk, she’s a lifelong outdoor enthusiast: Alpine & Telemark Skier | Slalom Water Skier | Snowshoer | Trail and Road Runner | Road Triathlete | Road & Mountain Cyclist | Hiker | Backpacker | River & Reservoir Stand-Up Paddler | Scuba Diver | Swimmer.