Stevi Bratschie

Born and raised in Michigan, Stevi grew up playing sports and exploring the outdoors. She moved to Colorado for her undergraduate studies and fell in love with the mountains and its access to skiing, biking, hiking, and trail running. In 2010, Stevi moved to Washington, DC to earn her Master’s of Public Health. Since graduating,…

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Erica Nagy

Erica moved to the Vail Valley in 2002 from Pittsburgh, PA and spent many of her first years in the area coaching competitive swimming and mountain biking to children and adults. She eventually pursued a degree in nursing in 2010, and has since worked in critical care environments in Denver and in the mountains. A…

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Morgan Whaley

Morgan spends 40 hours per week at a keyboard and as many hours outside of those 40 playing outside. She stepped into highly technical industries with no college degree and built a career out of tenacity and heart. She has spent 20 years as a designer, web developer, agile transformation advocate, technical educator, mentor, diversity…

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Katie Davies


Katie moved to the Eagle River Valley after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She taught snowboarding and spent a few years doing back-to-back winters in Colorado and Australia. In 2006 the ERV became her home year-round. Katie mountain biked a little in college, but really fell in love with the sport after…

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Lindsea Stowe

Sacred Cycle Team Lindsea Stowe

Lindsea moved to the Eagle River Valley directly after graduating from the University of Central Florida. There was a natural draw to the mountains after growing up on the beach. However, it was the connection to an adventure-seeking community that made the transition permanent. In 2018 Lindsea opened Two Arrows in the Vail Village, where…

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Doug Wilson

Sacred Cycle Doug Wilson

Doug started his career in technology as an electrical engineer, designing semiconductor multimedia processors to power smartphones. After working 60-80 hour work weeks for years, while flying to visit customers every week or two, Doug was burning out and knew he couldn’t continue that lifestyle forever. He found another way to live through passive income…

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Kristina “Krissy” Gutierrez, M.A., LSC, NCC


Krissy recently graduated from Adams State University in Alamosa, CO, with a dual degree in clinical mental health and school counseling. Currently, she spends most of her working hours at Goal High School as a Licensed School Counselor in an online/blended environment. Prior, she spent time working in human resources, hospitality, volunteering with adaptive sports,…

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Danielle “Dani” Smith

Dani Smith PCC

Raised in Southern California, Dani grew up outdoors hiking, biking, and living in the water. She attended college first in Honolulu, Hawaii, before graduating from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas where she studied English and Psychology. A lifelong singer-songwriter, Dani pursued music before entering the world of outdoor education as a backpacking and…

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Devan Schultz, M.A.

Devan Schultz earned her Master’s Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology where she facilitated many conversations around the life skills that can be taught through sport. Devan worked with youth to collegiate athletes, competitive ski and snowboard athletes, firefighters, and more. In 2018, Devan also volunteered for The Outbound Collective’s Pursuit Series Camps. She taught…

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