Patrick Hunter

Sacred Cycle BOA Patrick Hunter

Patrick Hunter is a public interest environmental lawyer.  When he’s not working to protect the outdoors, he’s usually spending time there.  Patrick strongly believes in the healing power of spending time in nature. “The effects of trauma don’t end when ‘the event’ stops.  I volunteer with Sacred Cycle because the process of healing is a…

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Hillary Locke Mujica

Hillary Locke Sacred Cycle BOA

As a sixth-generation Denver native, Hillary Locke Mujica values the history of Colorado and honors her family roots that helped create the city we know today. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Hillary moved to San Francisco to start a career in public relations which later took her to Manhattan as well…

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Elisabeth “Lis” Tomlin

Sacred Cycle Lis Tomlin

Lis (she/her/hers) has been a practicing mental health therapist for over 15 years. About half of this has been in college counseling settings, and other settings include private practice, addictions and recovery, IPV/DV, residential, community mental health, and corrections. Lis has also been an adjunct instructor for a graduate counseling program for about 6 years.…

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