Sexual Trauma is More Prevalent Than Most People Realize

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), one in six American women have experienced an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Many more women have lived through other forms of sexual trauma. Among women who have survived sexual trauma, it is very common to experience overwhelming anxiety for decades after the traumatic event occurred. Many women also end up turning to using substances, such as drugs and alcohol, or other unhealthy behaviors to numb the daily stress, fear and pain they live with.


One of the reasons why sexual trauma is so difficult to move past is the fact that it is so stigmatized in our culture. It’s common for women to feel ashamed of what happened to them, Sadly our society often criticizes or disbelieves women who come forward to share their stories. This egregious stigma and shaming will commonly cause a secondary form of trauma. Survivors are faced with not only the violent memories but also the pain of finding no validation or security in the communities they live in.

The good news is that with multifaceted treatment, no matter what you’ve experienced, it is possible to find healing and move forward in life with confidence. At Sacred Cycle, we are dedicated to helping women in Colorado find relief and community through our trauma therapy program.