Sacred Cycle’s five-month program gets rolling on May 1 and crosses the finish line with a statewide all-client retreat on October 1. In order to rerach more susvivors, we have reimagined the Signature Program into four distinct programs (outlined below) for 2020 based on client and clinician feedback from previous seasons. Our intention is to launch two counties in 2020 – Roaring Fork Valley and Denver County and to strategically expand to additional counties as allowable in years to come. Our ability to do so will be based on available funding at the season onset. Below we’ve outlined the season.


If you’d like to discuss the program in more detail please contact us. If you’d like to apply, please complete the application form.  


  1. Programs will be county-based to encourage increased interaction between active clients, alumni, client coordinator and mountain bike coaches with less driving time. Less driving, more riding! (Participants must be residents or willing to commute on a weekly basis into the county)

  2. There will be four programs from which to choose. This allows us to meet the survivor where they are in their healing cycle and understanding their time availability while encouraging the client to be a self-starter in planning their healing process through accountability

    • Frame Program – Our Sigature Program. Concept: I’m ready to begin my healing. I’m willing to be vulnerable and brave. Goal: Sacred Cycle will teach you tools to stay grounded. Value $5,ooo. Client pays $500. Scholarships available.
    • Wheel Program. Concept: I own a bike, am time-challenged and yet still want to participate. Goal: Sacred Cycle will meet you where you are at. Starting is the hardest part. Value $3,500. Client pays $350. Scholarships available.
    • Spoke Program. Concept: I’m a Sacred Cycle alumni and am stuggling. I’d like to receive short-term financial support for my therapies. Goal: Sacred Cycle will assist you in coming up with your own plan. We want you to change your mindset and solve a short-term emergency for the long haul. Value: Case by case based on available funding.
    • Alumni Program. Concept: I want to continue my healing and support new client participants. Goal: Sacred Cycle embraces empowering alumni through giving back. Value: Fees may be covered through volunteerism.
  3. All programs will have increased digital communication components which allow the client to increasingly engage with their peers and the organization to scale without harboring significant labor costs.

While our programming is customized to allow us to best serve the individual needs of each client, you may expect the below to be included in your healing program. 

  • A client coordinator
  • An affordable counseling program 
  • An accredited biking coach & therapist
  • Cycling therapy, coaching & community rides: Mountain biking, road biking, cruiser biking
  • Supportive outdoor activities: Hiking, yoga
  • Therapies: Equine, rolfing, reiki
  • Online client touchpoint programming
  • Client healing retreat
  • Community of survivors
  • Stay in touch components