Seasonal Programs

Sacred Cycle’s four-month program gets rolling on June 1 and crosses the finish line with a participant retreat in early October. We offer the program in the Roaring Fork Valley and Eagle River Valley. 

Program Includes:

  • Monthly psychoeducation group meeting covering the topics of breathing and mindfulness, self talk, the mind body connection, and the concept of control
  • Monthly alternative therapy group event (trauma informed yoga, empowering martial arts, and art therapy)
  •  Monthly guided group ride with Sacred Cycle MTB coaches and past participants
  • No-drop weekly group community rides
  • A participant clinical coordinator who stays with you the duration of the program for regular checking and assistance with scheduling.
  • A mountain biking coach who stays with you for the duration of the program for regular rides and skill development as a vehicle to healing. Athletic goods can be provided as needed, including bike, helmet, shoes, soft goods, and assorted accessories.
  • At the end of the season, you will be a guest at our retreat. The retreat includes 2 days and nights of enjoying a full holistic retreat with biking instruction, hikes, art or equine therapy, yoga, mental health talks, healing foods, and lots of giggles.
  • You will finish with a community of survivors and stay in touch with components beyond the Sacred Cycle program.

*Varies by program

Survivor Enrollment Process:

UPDATE FOR THE 2023 SEASON:    We will not be accepting new participants into the program this season as we place our efforts on our fundraising strategies and revamping our alumni program for past participants. We plan to accept new participants in 2024 as full programming resumes. If you have any questions or if you are interested in signing up for the 2024 season, please fill out the form below.