2019 Season Applications  

Our 2019 program is currently active and as a result, we are currently not accepting applications.

We use an application process to meet and learn more about what you are ready to experience in your own Sacred Cycle of healing. Each person who wants to join has a chance for one of our eight coveted spots. By applying, you enter our community. We hold you dearly for your sacred journey. Our offerings will continue growing. We look forward to including you as we expand. 

Please read below and complete the application. If you would like financial assistance, please complete the Scholarship Application. 

Program Application

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Sacred Cycle Program Application

Deadline: This Application and all other documentation must be received by May 15, 2019.


About You

Tell us why this is an important time in your life to enroll in Sacred Cycle.  What calls you to this program right now? How are you hoping this program will facilitate your own cycle of healing from sexual trauma?

Why do you believe Sacred Cycle’s program is a good fit for you?

Please share what you have done so far to heal from your sexual trauma.

What are you focusing on that’s giving you the most joy in your life right now?

What are you looking for that you haven't discovered yet in your cycle of healing?

What would you tell a newly traumatized person to focus on given your experience?

Sacred Cycle strives to inspire others to make changes in the world or their communities. Please tell us of any plans or goals you have to be of service to others.

Please share your experience with outdoor sports of any kind, including mountain biking?

What additional personal information do you wish to share with Sacred Cycle?

How did you hear about Sacred Cycle?

Please provide specifics: