Affordable Counseling

Find Healing And A Strong Community Through Sacred Cycle’s Affordable Counseling

Thanks to our generous donors, our program costs are offered on a sliding scale, empowering women no matter their financial constraints. During Sacred Cycle’s affordable counseling program, you can connect with fellow survivors, explore the rejuvenating effects of wilderness therapy and receive low-cost, innovative trauma treatment with an experienced therapist in Colorado. We believe our compassionate, open and lively environment will provide you with a safe path to holistic healing.

Our low-cost counseling program has many components designed to help you resolve painful experiences on many levels. The first piece to Sacred Cycle’s program is in-depth trauma treatment offered on a sliding scale. You can choose your own therapist or we can connect you with one of our trusted professional counselors in Colorado, and you will attend 2-3 sessions per month. During these sessions, you and your trauma therapist will work together to understand how trauma is continuing to impact your life and develop an individualized plan to find lasting relief.

The next component to Sacred Cycle’s program is our cycling group.  Our group allows fellow survivors to get together on a regular basis for fun and safe mountain biking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in the present moment, learn helpful breathing techniques, and connect with individuals who have lived through similar experiences.

You will be assigned a certified coach and provided a mountain bike and equipment to use during the course of the program. You’ll also have the chance to reap the physical and mental benefits of cycling and attend workshops where you can learn how to maintain and make improvements to your bike.

Other unique aspects of our affordable counseling program are:

  • An online platform – Here, you can reach out to coaches, fellow survivors and therapists to gain additional insight, tips and information.
  • Volunteer opportunities – We ask that you commit to some volunteer fundraising work, during which you can bring the program full circle and give back to community members in need.
  • A fall retreat – During this final cycling adventure, participants will work together in group therapy, practice mindfulness techniques, and reflect on the program.

At Sacred Cycle, we understand the painful effects of sexual trauma. We know that even after several years of recovering, you may continue to feel lost and hopeless. No matter how extensive your pain is, we believe that with a strong foundation of support, introspective activity and individualized therapy, you always have hope to find relief and live a rewarding life.