2021 Program Overview

A Positive Healing Cycle for Survivors


Sacred Cycle is healing our community by empowering survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault, through therapy and cycling; creating a sacred cycle of recovery.

We aim to reconnect survivors to their minds and bodies via therapy, mountain biking, and community. 1 in 4 women experiences sexual abuse, resulting in life-changing trauma. We have created a community out of the understanding that comes from having emotionally and physically traumatic experiences. Hope, presence, and vitality are woven into our program, inspiring survivors and those supporting survivors through tools to process trauma and overcome triggers for a lifetime of healing.

Frame Program

The Frame Program is a comprehensive offering for survivors of sexual trauma that includes traditional therapy, alternative therapies, and mountain bike lessons—gear and all!


Age 18+ female-identifying Colorado resident living in current program region. Live independently. Hold a job. We know it’s not easy to get the care you need. We are here to help.

Colorado Regions:

  • 2021: Program: Roaring Fork Valley; Eagle River Valley. Events and community rides: Roaring Fork Valley; Eagle River Valley; Metro Denver
  • 2022: Program, events, and community rides: Roaring Fork Valley; Eagle River Valley; Metro Denver
    Program: May 1 – October 1.

Includes: A participant coordinator. Online client touchpoint programming from mental health talks, group team-building sessions, and facilitator-led sessions. Counseling program for ongoing evidence-based trauma with a therapist. A mountain biking coach. Athletic goods can be provided as needed. No-drop weekly and monthly group and community rides. End of season retreat.

Fees: Participant fee $500. Scholarships are available. Valued at $4,400.

If you are a survivor or know someone who has survived sexual assault, we invite you to experience our Sacred Cycle of recovery. Apply online through April 30th.

Sacred Cycle is a 501c3 not-for-profit.

2021 Program Application Deadline: April 30, 2021