Mountain Biking Terms

mtb in lavender field

Mountain biking can feel like a cult if you’re not familiar with the terminology. We hope this helps! Excerpt from Sacred Rides (We know it’s funny how close our names are. We love what they do AND we are two distinct organizations.) There are so many mountain bike terms and jargon out there that anyone…

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Program Spotlight: Staying in Touch

Sacred Cycle - Programming - Email

The opportunity for our clients to have daily check-ins, via email, with other survivors is one of the components of the Sacred Cycle program, long after the season has ended. The daily check-ins are a way to support and be supported throughout the year. Clients are asked to share things they are grateful for. They…

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Fool’s Gold, Real Gold

In our world, we so often relate to people as objects. We even relate to ourselves as objects. It happens everyday. It’s so easy to see people as fixed and definite things to extract gain from; and to try to gain by presenting ourselves as fixed and definite. (This mindset has a long history in…

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Why Go Outside? Benefits of Wilderness Experiences for People with PTSD

woman checked out a map on trail during hike

“…Using nature as a metaphor, it is possible very quickly to access deeply traumatic events and to work on the most difficult feelings, and the life cycle embodied in nature carries the promise of healing.” – Linden & Grut, 2002 Mountain biking through the Colorado wilderness – cycling through aspen and pine, wildflowers, and the…

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Ride Bikes, Be Happy: How Mountain Biking Improves My Mental Health

I love to mountain bike. Even when I am not physically on a bike, a vast majority of my thoughts revolve around riding bikes–future rides, past rides, what bikes or components or gear I want to buy someday, skills I want to work on, how I can mountain bike even more than I already do… the…

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Trauma and the Journey of Recovery

light peeks through a hole in the top of the trees onto the dark road

Nearly one in four girls will be sexually assaulted before she turns 18 (a). One in five adult women will be raped in her lifetime (b). This means that if you aren’t a survivor of sexual assault yourself, chances are, you know at least several women who are. This article is an effort to give…

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