Gratitude: 2022 Sacred Cycle Retreat Recap

As the seasons begin to change and the Aspens show off their golden leaves, the 2022 Sacred Cycle season came to a close. On the last weekend of September, the 2022 Sacred Cycle participants came together in Avon, Colorado for a retreat filled with intentional movement, creativity, conversation, laughter, tears, and gratitude.

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The Power of Community for Survivors When We Ride Together

Thank you for showing up. The Sacred Cycle Community Rides are important to us and our healing as Sacred Cycle participants. These rides are there for us when we are ready to expand our sense of safety; to start to open our eyes to how many good people exist in the world. We want you to know that you have offered an important lifeline in the journey of healing for survivors of sexual trauma. By showing up, you have helped. When you ride with the Sacred Cycle community, you are visibly showing up to support survivors that live in our communities.

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A Letter from A Fellow Survivor and a Future Friend

Dear Survivor “You are a seed that has just been stuck into the dirt, alone and scared because you have no idea what is really inside of you; with sun, water, and consistent love you are about to find out.” I wrote this to myself when I was in your place only 371 days ago.…

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Sacred Cycle Community Rides

As mountain biking season nears, we are getting excited to get back on the trails together. As we prepare for the 2022 season, we wanted to reflect back on our amazing 2021 season of community rides in the Eagle River Valley, Roaring Fork Valley and Denver Metro! Stay tuned for updates on our 2022 Community…

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2021 Retreat Recap

As the seasons were changing, the Aspen leaves were showing off their bright yellow colors, there was a delicious crispness to the air, and the Sacred Cycle participants were celebrating an end to the 2021 season with a retreat in beautiful Beaver Creek. The participants underwent a summer full of mountain bike riding, group therapy,…

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Healing on a Hard Boil

I was told early on that I was not going to get over my trauma, but rather get through it. At the time I was told this, I had little concept of what that actually meant. Through a summer with Sacred Cycle, I learned to embrace this concept and the long and often arduous process…

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Empowering More Women Riders

em·pow·er /əmˈpou(ə)r/ verb – To make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Sacred Cycle is all about empowering women. Empowering them to reclaim their rights after sexual abuse, empowering them to feel comfortable in their body again by teaching them the skills to ride a bike and…

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Get your stoke on for a good cause!

We are SUPER STOKED to announce that Sacred Cycle is hosting the Denver premiere of the new film A Biker’s Ballad by Matchstick Productions! Not only that, the awesome guys from Matchstick have generously donated the proceeds from all ticket sales to Sacred Cycle!!   WHAT: Screening of “A Biker’s Ballad” produced by Matchstick Productions with…

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Putting “YOU” in Community Rides

Author: Alan Luu, RFV Community Ride Coordinator and MTB Coach. Editor: Lori Welch.   Our Sacred Cycle Community Rides are all about “community” – in every sense of the word. As the ride coordinator for the Roaring Fork Valley, I look forward to each Monday evening ride. I typically get to the trailhead a few…

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A Firsthand Experience – Summer Healing

There is room for everyone who wants to experience healing and growth through our sliver of the world in Sacred Cycle. As we gear up for summer, we’ve got a lot of extra wattage going for us this year. This year’s program holds the largest number of participants we’ve ever had, and we are ready to get to work! Today we shine a light on the participant experience so you can know how to support them.

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