Our Team

Sacred Cycle is in a beautiful transition from being a start-up to blossoming into a sustainable organization. We are a small, mighty team supported by our boards and a fleet of mission-driven volunteers.  Interested in joining our community? Click to get involved.

Clare Hefferren

Executive Director

“To build a community that cares for each other and will help heal when tragedy occurs calls to me. I am a visionary and a believer in holding space for what is possible. Each day I’m pulled into the future by the Sacred Cycle vision. I believe Sacred Cycle clients, and survivor girls/women we have not yet met are our girls. Together we will welcome them and provide tools to help them with their healing.”

Hannah King, M.A.

Participant Clinical Coordinator

“It is clear that the outdoors can provide an opportunity for healing. As a lifelong athlete and developing professional in the mental health field, I am excited to be a part of the Sacred Cycle team!”