Impact Report 2017-2019

As we reflect on Sacred Cycle’s history, learn what we are committed to and what impact we have made. Looking at data and seeking insights, we look forward to focusing our programming, identifying our unique impact for survivors, and growing our services for future cohorts of Sacred Cycle participants.

What We Do

As a responsible and resourceful organization, Sacred Cycle utilizes the unique wilderness of Colorado, along with the vast community of recreation partners to offer a unique and effective alternative to traditional and sometimes stigmatized psychotherapies. According to the Colorado Department of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Database, Sacred Cycle recognizes that in order to increase impact and generate positive outcomes, clear channels of program feedback from community partners and program participants is critical to continued success.

Sacred Cycle provides an opportunity for female Colorado residents to participate in mountain biking as therapeutic recreation jointly with one on one and group therapy sessions. Our program participants would not normally be able to participate due to barriers of economic of equipment and the ability to pay for coaching and therapeutic serviced. 

Our alumni are recommended to return to the program to mentor active participants as giving back and supporting other survivors is proven to assist in one’s own healing.

Who We Serve

Sacred Cycle serves the Roaring Fork and Eagle River Valley's. Services are open to any female-identifying adults seeking supportive mental health services for anxiety, depression, and PTSD, etc. derived from the experience of sexual violence.

The cost of participant services is based on household income, on a sliding scale, which reduces the financial impact of care on an individual. To survivors, this little to no cost recovery program is essential across our service area, especially when personal economic resilience can be an additional barrier to survivors of sexual violence.

Sacred Cycle provides exceptional treatment and an equitable access route to mountain biking as a healing form of recreation and leisure. Sacred Cycle’s Program reduces or eliminates the financial barrier to accessing mental health services and provides a mountain bike and equipment to participants, increasing the likelihood of continued health and wellness after program completion. It is important for the organization to build bridges and fill gaps when it comes to economic disparities and access to equipment and opportunities to be empowered to engage in positive life- long recreational habits.


Sacred Cycle provides an essential service to survivors of sexual violence at little to no cost. We believe that traditional psychotherapy is not always the most effective treatment tool for every survivor of sexual violence. Sacred Cycle works to individualize mental health programming and provides an alternative exercise-based and peer-to-peer-based model to achieve health equity in our community.

Sacred cycle views their role in Colorado’s mental health services as helping to fill the gap between traditional or stigmatized therapeutic practices with alternative and individualized mental health access, unique to vulnerable survivors of sexual trauma. Specifically, Sacred Cycle’s programming uses trauma-informed practices and the medium of a mountain bike to create a holistic cycle of healing designed to help prevent poor health outcomes, higher rates of chronic illness, chronic PTSD, and increased rates of substance dependence.

Sacred Cycle’s efforts impact the health of the Colorado community as a whole by decreasing the negative consequences of unaddressed and unmanaged mental stressors carried by survivors. These include, but are not limited to, unhealthy and strained relationships and higher rates of health care utilization including emergency room visits.

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