About Us

Sacred Cycle believes in inspiring survivors of sexual trauma through cycling, therapy, and community. Our sacred cycle of recovery empowers survivors to reconnect with their bodies. Healing helps survivors and positively impact their families, friends, and communities. By supporting Sacred Cycle, you support survivors of sexual trauma and better your community of which you live. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 women face a new and unnerving reality following a sexual trauma. At Sacred Cycle, we have made it our goal to help survivors feel reconnected with their emotional, mental and physical worlds.


Sacred Cycle is healing our community by empowering survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault, through therapy and cycling; creating a sacred cycle of recovery.

Vision Statement

Sacred Cycle aspires to empower sexually abused and assaulted survivors, residing in Colorado, by providing a safe community to support their healing. Through a combination of therapy and wilderness therapy, clients discover and break through barriers to become more confident in their personal recovery journey. Through this healing cycle, survivors become an empowering force to help other survivors.

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Empowering. Inspiring. Approachable. Empathetic. Courageous.


Sacred Cycle was founded high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2016 as a 501c3 corporation.


Not surprisingly, Sacred Cycle was born on a bike. About half-way through a long mountain bike training ride, Sacred Cycle’s founder, Heather Russell, had the idea to combine the benefits of cycling with other healing modalities to help treat the complexities of sexual trauma and the subsequent side-effects that ensue. As she pedaled, slowly but surely, the program that exists today unfolded.


Why combine the elements of nature, cycling, and trauma work? It’s simple, it worked for Heather and she believed it could help others as well. Through her graduate studies in counseling psychology, her work with sexual trauma survivors, and her personal survivorship, Heather was broken-hearted to learn about the staggering number of survivors. 1 in 4 women experiences sexual assault by the age of 18. (Source: https://www.wingsfound.org.) She recognized the need for more programming to address this often misunderstood epidemic and so Sacred Cycle was born.


Sacred Cycle strives to offer hope and healing to people affected by devastating and life-changing acts of violence.

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