We empower survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault through therapy and mountain biking, creating a sacred cycle of recovery, personal development, and community impact.

If you’re functioning in daily life, but still feel frustrated, stuck and know your quality of life could be better, you can breakthrough here. We help women survivors accomplish peace, hope, connection, meaning, and empowerment. To do this we offer funding for therapy, mountain bikes and gear with coaching in your home town.  Each year participants can come on our signature mountain biking retreat to enjoy time on the trails, yoga, healing foods, and inspiring holistic therapies.

With expert, caring teachers the bike becomes a trusted ally in accessing beautiful remote trails and the peace-of-mind that comes from focusing on something fun in the moment with others.

Healing occurs without force. Mental Health Experts join to provide sacred healing space if needs arise, and holistic therapies offer more pathways to lasting breakthroughs. Participants leave with new skills, insights, friendships, and resources to continue healing beyond the retreat. Our community is an access point for ongoing learning, healing, and service.

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Sacred Cycle was founded somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2013.

Not surprisingly, Sacred Cycle was born on a bike. About half-way through a long mountain bike training ride, Sacred Cycle’s founder, Heather Russell, had the idea to combine the benefits of cycling with other healing modalities to help treat the complexities of sexual trauma and the subsequent side-effects that ensue. As she pedaled, slowly but surely, the program that exists today unfolded.


Why combine the elements of nature, cycling, and trauma work? It’s simple, it worked for Heather and she believed it could help others as well. Through her graduate studies in counseling psychology, her work with sexual trauma survivors, and her personal survivorship, Heather was broken-hearted to learn about the staggering number of survivors. 1 in 4 women experiences sexual assault by the age of 18. (Source: https://www.wingsfound.org.) She recognized the need for more programming to address this often misunderstood epidemic and so Sacred Cycle was born.

Sacred Cycle strives to offer hope and healing to people affected by devastating and life-changing acts of violence.