Gratitude: 2022 Sacred Cycle Retreat Recap

As the seasons begin to change and the Aspens show off their golden leaves, the 2022 Sacred Cycle season came to a close. On the last weekend of September, the 2022 Sacred Cycle participants came together in Avon, Colorado for a retreat filled with intentional movement, creativity, conversation, laughter, tears, and gratitude. The retreat began with a mindful hike, smelling the fresh mountain air, listening to the birds sing, and feeling the ground’s support each step of the way. After reflecting on the beauty and peacefulness that surrounds us, the group traveled into town for a reiki, yoga, and sound healing workshop. Feeling the energy express itself in different ways and places throughout our bodies, the group left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Just in time for a mountain storm to quickly consume the valley in wind and rain, a cup of tea was enjoyed while watching the storm from the balcony of our weekend home. Using the inspiration of our surroundings and reflecting upon the season, creativity was met with grace as the group created unique, beautiful, and inspirational paintings of their journey this past summer.

The theme for this retreat weekend was gratitude, gratitude for our surroundings, our loved ones, those who have supported us, and most importantly, for ourselves.To show up when things are difficult, scary, uncomfortable, uncertain… with each activity, moment, conversation, we reflected on and remembered why it is important to express gratitude. This is a powerful experience wrapped up into one weekend.

To cap off the retreat, we celebrated. Sacred Cycle coaches, board members, staff, volunteers, and past participants came together for a final group ride for the 2022 season. We welcomed the 2022 Sacred Cycle participants to continue their journey as Sacred Cycle alumni. Gratitude is a simple concept, often easier passed onto other people, nature, feelings, yet so powerful in its acceptance when we give it to ourselves.

Thank you to the Sacred Cycle board members, staff, bike coaches, and all the volunteers for making this season a reality – offering guidance and support, expressing flexibility, and always learning. Thank you to the Sacred Cycle alumni who showed up in support of this season’s participants, to ride alongside them, to share your journey, to be there. And most of all, thank you to the 2022 Sacred Cycle participants for trying new things, trusting in us and yourselves, in being vulnerable, brave, stepping into the unknown, and embracing discomfort. 

To all reading this note, give yourself gratitude today.

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