2021 Retreat Recap

As the seasons were changing, the Aspen leaves were showing off their bright yellow colors, there was a delicious crispness to the air, and the Sacred Cycle participants were celebrating an end to the 2021 season with a retreat in beautiful Beaver Creek. The participants underwent a summer full of mountain bike riding, group therapy, and developing bonds that will transcend beyond Sacred Cycle.

As the sun rose on the first morning of the retreat the participants went on a guided mindfulness hike, experiencing the present moment through all five senses, truly soaking up the beauty from the mountains surrounding. Following the hike, once all of the coffee and tea was consumed, the group met Britt and Jocelyn at Nottingham Park. Britt and Jocelyn led a wonderful Energy Reset workshop, all about calling back and stepping into one’s power. The workshop began with hand crafted warm tea and some light journaling, followed by yoga, sound healing, and both individual and group Reiki, where we pulled the energy from the Earth below and cleansed our souls.

We could not have asked for better weather that day, as the sun shone high in the sky balanced perfectly with a subtle cool breeze. After experiencing such utter relaxation and rejuvenation, thanks to Britt and Jocelyn, the group enjoyed a park lunch and took a walk around the lake. That afternoon, they received the letter they wrote themselves in May before they dove deep into Sacred Cycle programming. Upon reflecting on where they were then, the unique summer they underwent, and who they are now, they were asked to create a piece, using the art supplies provided, that represented their journey this summer with Sacred Cycle and the continuation of healing beyond the retreat.


Each participant demonstrated their creativity, as they designed and implemented unique art pieces utilizing paint, colored pencils, water colors, canvas, paper, string, and more to metaphorically display their experiences. Each piece was so deeply personal and simultaneously magnificent.

As the day began to wind down it was time for some “FR&R”, Free Ride and Relax. This time was dedicated to give the participants choice, the option to read, take a nap, or soak in the hot tub, go for a walk, a hike, or a bike ride. Upon (very) quick deliberation, the group could not get their bike gear ready soon enough, and they were out on the trails! Mountain biking in beautiful Avon, Colorado with flutters of golden Aspen leaves shooting up from under their back tires.

The adrenaline rushes eventually wore off, as the participants returned from the ride, soon to be treated to a delicious meal made and served by volunteer Sacred Cycle board members Jeannine and Patti. It didn’t take long for tummies to be full and bodies relaxed. To top off the evening, was a self care night, full of everyone’s favorite tunes, face masks, massage rollers, tarot cards, and more.

The incredible weekend was capped off with a Closing Ceremony. Each person shared the art piece they created the day prior and what it means to them. The participants then went around and shared what each member of the group has meant to them and the impact they have made on one another throughout the summer. Such powerful words were shared and the bond that Sacred Cycle truly creates was put on full display.

One last celebratory ride was had that weekend to welcome the Sacred Cycle 2021 Participants to the Sacred Cycle Alumni Crew. Everyone gathered, including the participant clinical coordinators, mountain bike coaches, and various board members. After Heather, the Sacred Cycle Founder, delivered a beautiful and heartfelt speech about Sacred Cycle, the origin, the community it creates, and the messages it teaches us, we were off! Speeding down single track, elevating over rock gardens, and climbing with peace and patience – all as one – Sacred Cycle Team.


Devan Schultz, M.A. • Participant Clinical Coordinator Supervisor

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