Putting “YOU” in Community Rides

Author: Alan Luu, RFV Community Ride Coordinator and MTB Coach. Editor: Lori Welch.


Our Sacred Cycle Community Rides are all about “community” – in every sense of the word. As the ride coordinator for the Roaring Fork Valley, I look forward to each Monday evening ride. I typically get to the trailhead a few minutes early to set up and enjoy greeting the riders, guides, and volunteers as they show up. From new faces to familiar ones, you immediately see the connections form as we all gear up to ride. The best part is – no matter the skill level, first community ride or 10th, man or woman, survivor or supporter, carbon or aluminum, hardtails or full-squish – we are one community united by our shared love of mountain biking.

This is me! On a Fall community ride in Snowmass, CO. 

What are your rides like?

YOU are why we volunteer to guide rides! We believe in the healing power of riding when you are having fun, being present in nature, and sharing the experience. It’s why every ride starts with a quick spiel about why we ride, with an emphasis on having fun and being “no drop.” And when we mean no drop, we mean no drop – nobody gets left behind.

Our rides are:

• Open to anyone (males and females), with any skill level
• Include survivors in our program and alumni (who remain anonymous)
• Ridden together at a conversational pace and we session and celebrate together

We have a lead guide and tail-gunner (or sweep) during the rides, and oftentimes, floater guides. We share tips and tricks, practice skills, answer questions, and enjoy the camaraderie of riding with each other throughout the ride.

“I showed up to a Sacred Cycle Community Ride, honestly just for a ride, and then WOW! I didn’t expect to find such a different vibe than other group rides. WIth clearly some advanced folks amongst the crew, everyone was about support each other rather than racing to lead the pack. I now plan my week around making sure I can make it and bring my pals along. Thanks SC!” Marcie W. 

Overcoming obstacles together

No matter the trail or obstacles, it’s absolutely inspiring to see a community come together to support each other in overcoming whatever challenge each rider has. Have you ever ridden a challenging section of trail with a group of riders cheering you on, even there to catch you if needed? More often than not, everyone succeeds or enthusiastically wants to attempt it again. And by the end of the ride, we’re sharing our tales of the trail, exchanging numbers, and expanding our community.

Our goal is for you to leave the ride happy, with a new skill or technique and new friends – excited to ride again. Here’s the thing, you may or may not realize it, but the impact you have on helping heal your community is immense. It’s not just showing up, or helping build awareness of Sacred Cycle by telling your friends and family about your experience and inviting others to the rides, or even the donation you may have made – it’s the safe space you help create for all riders to be empowered, build confidence and connect with other supportive riders in the community. This is the impact you and our community rides have! Want to join us? Visit our website to learn more and register for rides.


  1. Summer Berg on June 9, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    Very cool!! Thank you Alan.

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