CBS Denver – Nonprofit Expands Program

Thanks to Jamie Leary of CBS Denver for bringing light to Sacred Cycle’s high country programming and Metro Denver expansion. Please join us on the trails in the months to come and behind the scenes with your philanthropic mindset!

Colorado Nonprofit Finds Unique Model To Help Sexual Abuse Survivors: Therapy And Mountain Biking

VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – A nonprofit in Colorado’s high country helping victims of trauma from sexual abuse heal through mountain biking is expanding programming this year and hoping to reach even more survivors across the state.
“We do know that the numbers of assaults have increased due to the pandemic and for us we know in the mountain towns they also increase based on the ski season,” said Clare Hefferren, Executive Director of Sacred Cycle.

“She realized as she was riding, that she was healing herself and she wondered if she could do the same for others,” said Hefferren. Read the full article.

* Correction: Sacred Cycle serves all survivors of sexual trauma and abuse, not just domestic violence.


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