Remembering Dave Krimstock

Dave Krimstock Cycling

A focused Dave Krimstock mountain biking

Dave Krimstock was a loved member of Sacred Cycle. A friend to everyone, but like all of us, not without his personal struggles. Unfortunately, on February 20th, 2020, those struggles led to his early and tragic death. There are no words to describe losses like these. They affect all of us deeply and uniquely. February 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of his passing. We wanted to thank his friends and family that sought to honor his memory through Sacred Cycle.

A Friend’s Perspective on Dave

Taylor Woodward and Dave Krimstock

Taylor and Dave connected through shared struggles and successes in mountain biking and life.

To learn more about Dave, having never met him, I spoke with his long-time friend Taylor Woodward. He shared that Dave was personally driven and committed to biking in a way that was almost obsessive but filled with joy.  Cycling helped him to overcome many obstacles in his life. For Dave, Cycling was a form of meditation. It was a healthy way to move through past and present in order to get to a place of clarity and peace. Dave was first connected to Sacred Cycle through his friendship with founder Heather Russell. The members of the Sacred Cycle race team became part of his circle as well. Together they shared a desire to raise Sacred Cycle awareness as a cycle of healing for the people who are looking for a supported way to grow was close to his heart.

Gear’s  New Home

After Dave’s passing there were years worth of accumulated cycling gear that needed a place to call home. Dave’s parents decided it would be best served by making a contribution in a way that would honor exactly what Dave would have wanted to do. At Taylor’s suggestion, several of Dave’s close friends in the Fort Collins area arranged an auction. The auction raised a total of over $4,500 to be donated to Sacred Cycle. As a result, these funds, held aside for the 2020 season, have just been designated specifically for clinical therapy in 2021. This makes a huge impact on community healing!

When I asked Taylor why he thought Sacred Cycle was a good fit for the donation he said,

“It’s where Dave would have wanted to contribute. Dave saw the impact that Sacred Cycle, even in its early years, was making in connecting others to a new life, where finding joy in mountain biking was even possible. He would have wanted to help heal the community he identified with.”

Taylor pointed out a quote from Dave that he thought captured it best,

“I need to surrender to some extent and realize the thing that has to be most important to me, which is connection.”

Dave would have wanted to give people with or without the outlet of cycling the opportunity to create that for themselves.

Our Biggest Thank You to the Krimstock Family

Dave Krimstock knew that by supporting Sacred Cycle, you support survivors of sexual trauma and better the community in which you live. At Sacred Cycle, we have made it our goal to help survivors feel reconnected with their emotional, mental, and physical worlds, something he could relate to and we hope you can too. Thank you to Dave’s friends and family for showing your support for Sacred Cycle’s programming, these donations fund programming, equipment, and therapy for 2021 and future participants.


  1. Roger Krimstock on April 1, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    Thank you, Amy and Sacred Cycle, for this remembrance of Dave.

  2. Ben Harding on March 20, 2021 at 11:06 am

    I am proud to have been David’s friend. I miss him.

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