Pedal Report – Summer 2019 Edition


Pedal Report  |  Summer 2019 Edition

Setting Intentions & Seeing Success

Dear Supporters,

My intention when starting Sacred Cycle was to try to rattle, cause discomfort, and wake people into wanting to fight to make changes. I’m pleased we are accomplishing that goal within our community. We are hopeful that 2019 will be a pivotal year for funding and skilled leaders joining our team. Within the organization, I see a clear change.  Inappropriate jokes are no longer told or do not receive laughter. Non-survivor volunteers have transformed from issue naivety to fully informed and able to speak publicly with confidence. And, the growing ambassadors and racers wearing our cycling kits to share our story on social media with pride.

This past Winter, I knew your help and our determination was catching a tailwind and 2019 was to shaping up to be unbelievable! We hinted at our new partnership with Specialized Bikes in our March newsletter and we’re excited to announce a video project begun in Los Angeles, December 2018. I was humbled to be flown to hosted in LA and interviewed while doing what I love most – riding my bike! The name of this project is “The Issue Is…” and it’s the beginning of an on-bike talk show produced by Specialized to bring awareness to social matters. While the movie star treatment was amazing, the best part is the platform provided to highlight the prevalence and side effects of sexual abuse and assault. See the link below to watch the video.

Thank you for continuing to support our mission.


Heather Russell, Executive Director



Weekly Community Ride   
Mondays 5pm – 7:30pm  | 
 All Summer Long!If you’re looking for Monday motivation, we’ve got you covered. Join us for Sacred Cycle and TAC FITness and Wellness Center Monday Night Ride! Sponsored by Basalt Bike & Ski and hosted by Emily. We meet at Prince Creek trailhead’s new parking lot at 5:00 pm for a fun and flowy 2-hour ride. Expect a 2-hour ride through the wildflowers!To learn more about the event, and the weekly ride details, visit our event page.

Women’s Mountain Bike Skills Clinic   
SOLD OUT – June 20, 2019 10am – 4pm  | 
 Back by Popular Demand!We don’t mean to tease you; however, we’d like to make you aware of the need for these fundraising community clinics. We had intended to skip the clinic for the 2019 season to focus on other initiatives but received an unprecedented number of requests. When launched the event sold out in 48 hours. To learn more about the event, and let us know of your interest in an additional event in 2019, visit the event page.About the clinic: Join us for a one-day women’s mountain bike skills clinic in Carbondale, CO with certified coaches. We will be at Northface Park & Bike Park in Carbondale, CO working on basic bike handling skills. All levels are welcome and will benefit from this course. No matter what your experience, it’s always good to refresh fundamental bike skills. 


Programming / Giving Back: Vega Brhely

Vega walks the talk and has found results. As a survivor, she has found healing in cycling and without a doubt is fired up about the Sacred Cycle mission. As a Retül & BikeFit Certified Bike Fitter, this season Vega has generously offered to fit the Sacred Cycle clients for their new bikes –  a value of $500/bike. Thank you Vega!

This summer, Vega is riding her bike – for the FOURTH year as a top fundraiser – to raise money for MS through a campaign called Biking for a world free of MS, a fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Way to go Vega – getting after it and giving back!


Fist pumps to Sacred Cycle Team Racers on recent podiums!

Upcoming Race Team Events

  • Brittany Spangler: Bailey Hundito, Bailey CO, June 15th; Fat Tire 40, Crested Butte, CO, June 29th; Fire Cracker 50, Breckenridge, CO, July 4th; Breck 68, Breckenridge, CO, July 13th
  • Breton Mcnamara: Breck 68, Breckenridge, CO, July 13th; XC National Championships, Winter Park, CO, July 28th
  • Maria Wimmer: Lusten 99er, Minnesota, June 29th

EDUCATION Mountain Biking as Therapy at Sacred Cycle Nonprofit in Carbondale, Colorado 

By Brian Gerow – April 26, 2019. Excerpt: The Sacred Cycle is a Colorado-based nonprofit, founded by Heather Russell, who is a  licensed therapist and certified mountain bike guide. The organization works with survivors of sexual trauma and helps them heal through a variety of therapies and practices, including riding mountain bikes.

Russell began her mountain bike career in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on a 1989 Specialized Hard Rock Comp, and she hasn’t stopped pedaling since. She moved around a bit as a kid, from Illinois to Michigan, and finally landed in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she changed her career path from whitewater guide to Wasatch ski-bum and undergrad student. After completing her bachelor’s degree, Russell packed up and headed to Boulder, Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in counseling at Naropa University, and now calls the trails of Carbondale, Colorado her back yard. Read the full article. 

Talking to Your Child About Sexual Abuse 

Excerpt: When you empower your children to say “no” to unwanted touch and teach them that they can come to you with questions and concerns, you take critical steps to preventing child sexual abuse.

  • Talk to your children about sexuality and sexual abuse in age-appropriate terms. Talking openly and directly about sexuality teaches children that it is okay to talk to you when they have questions.
  • Teach children the names of their body parts so that they have the language to ask questions and express concerns about those body parts. Read the full article. 
  • Teach children that some parts of their bodies are private.

How many of us were forced to hug or kiss someone as children because our parents told us it was the polite thing to do? Learn up to date preventive measures you can take to keep your children safe from sexual abuse. The article is courtesy of River Bridge Regional Center whose mission is to prevent, assess, treat and investigate child abuse. RBRC we love you and appreciate the work you do for not one, but four, counties in Colorado! Please check out their website for ongoing parent classes.

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