Program Spotlight: Staying in Touch

The opportunity for our clients to have daily check-ins, via email, with other survivors is one of the components of the Sacred Cycle program, long after the season has ended. The daily check-ins are a way to support and be supported throughout the year. Clients are asked to share things they are grateful for. They share aspects of themselves or their lives which are kick-ass and going well, They share things that are bringing sorrow or grief makes for a simple and powerful format. All sharing is encouraged and honored.

“Knowing that there’s a web of individuals who are willing to listen and understand is one of the most powerful motivators around.”  ~Sacred Cycle Client

Why Is This Practice Beneficial?

A common thread with childhood trauma is unhealthy or no attachment to primary caregivers. While it might not be true for all survivors, unhealthy or no attachments can lead to an inability to rely on others and form healthy adult relationships. Daily client check-ins can be an opportunity to learn to connect with others in a safe, nurturing environment. Clients receive constructive feedback about life issues and struggles. Witnessing others’ successes and struggles is good feedback for trauma survivors. As a method of survival, survivors may have learned to view life in a somewhat skewed nature that orients towards catastrophizing. Their view of life may be illogical. Knowing that everyone struggles and has ups and downs is important intel as survivors have a propensity to look at life in black and white terms.

“Our Sacred Cycle daily check-ins have created a safe space to be open and honest in a non-judgemental, understanding and empathetic environment; they have created consistency during the triumphs and struggles of daily life.” ~Sacred Cycle Client

We have so much admiration for the clients of Sacred Cycle and their willingness to support each other by witnessing each other’s lives. Learn more about Sacred Cycle programming.

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