25 Hours of Frog Hollow Race Recap

Frog Hollow podium
Team Sacred Cycle wins the Group Category!

Sacred Cycle was honored to have a strong team of positive and competitive spirits as they took first place in their category at the 2018 25 Hours of Frog Hollow mountain bike race in Hurricane, Utah.  This is the longest 24-hour mountain bike race with an extra hour due to the ‘fall back’ time change. Racers compete either solo or in teams to complete as many laps around a 15-mile course during the 25 hours.  The Sacred Cycle race team was Lauren Gueriera, David Krimstock, Jennifer Smith, and Brittany Spangler.

Highlights from our racers:

Team Sacred Cycle 2018 - Frog Hollow
2018 25 Hours of Frog Hollow Team!

Brittany Spangler  |  It was the whole team that made this race experience. Our goal was to have fun racing for a great cause and good friendship. We had no idea that we would end up winning! Little did we know that our team consisted of four very competitive spirits. I lead off the race and it was my first running start which was a whole new experience. I was breathing harder during the run than the bike. Dave convinced me to go first and it was good practice for my race start jitters.

After our third lap, we were second place. While happy, we kept inching our way closer to the first place team. There was a point where I went for it! I also got extra motivation biking a portion of the night with a fellow Roaring Fork Valley local. I’m fortunate for the opportunity to share an experience with people who have had a greatly impacted my life this past year, and ultimately stand on the podium with my Sacred Cycle teammates.

Lauren Gueriera | I had a blast! This was my second 24-hour race with a span of nine years between. I love many things about 24 hr racing – mainly it’s hysterically silly to be riding circles in the middle of the night.  I love the challenge, the darkness (the stars!), and the serenity of the desert. I love my increased reliance on my instincts required when riding a technical dark trail. When notified of our pending win, my excitement rose and I kicked it up a notch.  Our team worked well together – helping each other with gear, food and moral support.

Jennifer Smith  |  Getting to the starting line was a success in itself. As my fourth mountain bike race every, I was super nervous about my first 24-hours race (and night race) because I was a slower rider than the other team members. I had been off my bike for over a month due to a bike crash and ensuing concussion. My anxiety was high and yet everyone was highly supportive and communicative. Brittany is a fabulous cheerleader and so positive.

The trail was very interesting including a variety of double-track, singletrack and technical rock areas wrapped up with a final couple miles of hell. Even with my grumpy attitude after a flat, my teammates helped me refocus. On my final lap, I had the magical privilege of watching the humongous cresent moon rise over the mesas. To know that we won our division while enjoying ourselves was amazing. I feel so lucky to have be part of the Sacred Cycle family and support their mission.

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