An Evening with Dana Meir

August 9, 2018

Dana Event - Team
Left to right: Heather Russell, Sacred Cycle Executive Director; Dana Meir, Speaker; Houston Cowan of Challenge America; Melinda Goldrich, host; and Jackie Long of Callie’s Backyard Foundation.

This season Sacred Cycle had the opportunity to collaborate with Dana Meir who does similar advocacy work in the Israel Neve Desert. Dana uses mountain bikes to work with incarcerated youth, people in recovery from drug addiction, and other minority groups. In addition to learning about our program and meeting with our therapists, Dana gave our clients an experiential clinic to experience leadership and trust. During one of the activities, we actually had to try and bike with our eyes closed!  

“Cycling is an effective therapeutic tool providing another view of life and a way to experience freedom within the boundaries of the bike’s capabilities and the rider’s fitness and determination.”

Dana Meir

Thank you to Houston Cowan of Challenge America for making this very important connection and to Melinda Goldrich for hosting 20 guests at your lovely home for the event.

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