2018 Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat is a Sacred Cycle program cornerstone. Each season we gather to celebrate the difficult healing journeys our clients have chosen. Admittedly, we spoil our clients with delicious food and creature comforts. Several past season clients were on hand to support the 2018 clients with advice and hope. Through the tears and laughter, when we heard things like, “I feel like I finally belong somewhere’ or “I feel supported”, we knew we were on track with our mission. 

2018 Sacred Cycle Fall Retreat. Thanks to Emily from Intrinsic Way.

“You have given me so much. I hope to always carry a message of strength and support through your connection to my life. Not only through healing, but centering and re-focusing on myself in the world.” ~ Client

Thank you to Board Member Sara Shainholtz for once again organizing an amazing retreat.

Sara offered this closing blessing to our clients:

“ It takes tremendous courage to show up for this program and we are so grateful you made the choice to be a part of Sacred Cycle and embark on this path of authentic healing. I truly believe we can rewire our system to find peace in our hearts and minds. The simple act of returning to the breath time and time again is mastering the art of relaxation. This Sacred clan of women is growing. In this climate of women finding their voice and power is an opportunity to share this gift of our common thread. The thread of Sacred Cycle is a gentle reminder that you are not alone. And we need each other. So as we go home to our loved ones and busy lives, try, for as many days as you can, to let just one breath, once a day, be a tribute to yourself and all the women who have suffered or been ashamed. Let us let our gift of the sweet, soft, fiery, vulnerable, angry, feminine permeate those around us so they too will dig deep and find the courage to have a voice and begin the cycle of healing. You all deserve all the blessings this life has to offer.”

Sara Shainholtz

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