Are You Struggling To Overcome The Long-Term Effects Of Sexual Trauma?


Have you survived a sexual trauma, such as rape, sexual or physical abuse or debilitating harassment? Do you often criticize yourself or experience painful feelings of inadequacy? Perhaps you live with some of the physical symptoms of trauma, such as a racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing or sweatiness, especially when harmful memories are triggered. Maybe you wonder why you cannot seem to overcome your memories and overwhelming emotions, even after many years. Have you tried several treatments, but have not yet found lasting relief and healing? Do you wish you could come to peace with your trauma and move forward in a connected and rewarding life?


Living with the after effects of sexual trauma can feel like an endless struggle. In the morning, you may dread going through your routine, worrying whether certain people, places or activities will trigger a painful memory. Throughout the day, you may dwell on your past experiences or seek out ways to numb your memories and emotions, such as drugs, alcohol, food, sex, cutting, or other self-destructive behaviors. As a result, you may find it hard to concentrate at work, at home or with your loved ones or friends. At night, it may be difficult for you to fall asleep or stay asleep because racing thoughts and nightmares keep you awake, leading to another exhausted, disconnected day. You may feel frustrated that the thoughts and emotions tied to your trauma continue to creep into your life. You may wish you could forget everything that has happened to you and live in a different time and place.

Mission Statement

We empower survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault through therapy and mountain biking, creating a sacred cycle of recovery, personal development, and community impact.

Sexual Trauma Is More Prevalent Than Most People Realize

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), one in six American women have experienced an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Many more women have lived through other forms of sexual trauma. Among women who have survived sexual trauma, it is very common to experience overwhelming anxiety for decades after the traumatic event occurred. Many women also end up turning to using substances, such as drugs and alcohol, or other unhealthy behaviors to numb the daily stress, fear and pain they live with.

One of the reasons why sexual trauma is so difficult to move past is the fact that it is so stigmatized in our culture. It’s common for women to feel ashamed of what happened to them, and sadly our society often criticizes or disbelieves women who come forward to share their stories. This egregious stigma and shaming commonly causes a secondary form of trauma, through which survivors are faced with not only the violent memories, but also the pain of finding no validation or security in the communities they live in.

The good news is that with multifaceted treatment, no matter what you’ve experienced, it is possible to find healing and move forward in life with confidence. At Sacred Cycle, we are dedicated to helping women like you in Colorado find relief and community through our trauma therapy program.

Find Healing And A Strong Community Through Sacred Cycle’s Affordable Counseling

Thanks to our generous donors, our program costs are offered on a sliding scale, empowering women no matter their financial constraints. During Sacred Cycle’s affordable counseling program, you can connect with fellow survivors, explore the rejuvenating effects of wilderness therapy and receive low-cost, innovative trauma treatment with an experienced therapist in Colorado. We believe our compassionate, open and lively environment will provide you with a safe path to holistic healing.

Our low-cost counseling program has many components designed to help you resolve painful experiences on many levels. The first piece to Sacred Cycle’s program is in-depth trauma treatment offered on a sliding scale. You can choose your own therapist or we can connect you with one of our trusted professional counselors in Colorado, and you will attend 2-3 sessions per month. During these sessions, you and your trauma therapist will work together to understand how trauma is continuing to impact your life and develop an individualized plan to find lasting relief.

The next component to Sacred Cycle’s program is our cycling group.  Our group allows fellow survivors to get together on a regular basis for fun and safe mountain biking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors, allowing you to immerse yourself in the present moment, learn helpful breathing techniques, and connect with individuals who have lived through similar experiences.

You will be assigned a certified coach and provided a mountain bike and equipment to use during the course of the program. You’ll also have the chance to reap the physical and mental benefits of cycling and attend workshops where you can learn how to maintain and make improvements to your bike.

Other unique aspects of our affordable counseling program are:

  • An online platform – Here, you can reach out to coaches, fellow survivors and therapists to gain additional insight, tips and information.
  • Volunteer opportunities – We ask that you commit to some volunteer fundraising work, during which you can bring the program full circle and give back to community members in need.
  • A fall retreat – During this final cycling adventure, participants will work together in group therapy, practice mindfulness techniques, and reflect on the program.

At Sacred Cycle, we understand the painful effects of sexual trauma. We know that even after several years of recovering, you may continue to feel lost and hopeless. No matter how extensive your pain is, we believe that with a strong foundation of support, introspective activity and individualized therapy, you always have hope to find relief and live a rewarding life.


Family and friends are critical in helping survivors live full, happy lives. Knowing exactly how to be that support can be tricky. Many people feel it’s not OK to discuss traumatizing events, or don’t know the best way to be ‘there’ for a survivor when clearly in need. For tips and resources, please subscribe to our newsletter. To make an even greater impact, please consider a generous donation to our program.
Thank you!


Will Sacred Cycle use my name or story in its outreach efforts?

We respect your privacy and will never share your name or your story outside of our group or on social media without your permission.

What if I dislike or am unable to participate in mountain biking?

Sacred Cycle will not pressure you into the mountain biking component of the program. Since we have many coaches involved in our program, you and your coach may decide to go on a hike or take part in another outdoor activity that allows you to engage your body and enter the present moment. If you would prefer to slowly ease yourself into learning how to mountain bike, you and your coach can start by riding on bike paths. We will provide you with many options so you can feel as comfortable as possible throughout our program.

I’m worried getting involved in therapy will bring up the pain from my past.

It’s very common to feel wary about entering a trauma therapy program, especially if you have spent many years trying to forget your traumatic experiences. At Sacred Cycle, we will not push you beyond your comfort zone. In addition, our multifaceted treatment approach allows you many ways to get in touch with fellow survivors, therapists and coaches throughout the course of the program. If you ever feel the need to reach out to someone, we are always here to provide you with guidance and support.

Get Involved In This Unique And Powerful Program

If you are interested in learning more about Sacred Cycle’s affordable therapy program, please contact us to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have about our program and how we can help you. If you are ready to apply to an upcoming program, visit our application page.

If you are looking for organizations to donate to and are interested in helping us provide low-cost treatment to women throughout Colorado, please visit our donation page to make an online donation.